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Timothy Bruening
2020-01-14 12:53:04 UTC
Eiffel Tower
The Doctor
2020-01-14 15:34:35 UTC
Post by Timothy Bruening
Eiffel Tower
Tim Bruening is like a child abuser!
Tim Bruening is the spam blogger of rec.arts.drwho. Tim Bruening is
a loathesome creature! Inspired by Idlehands , condoned by Stephen Wilson.
All social media will know what a spamtroller you are!
Protest by sending https://twitter.com/D_Enterprise and
Bruening yet again defends Donald Trump as POTUS by trolling spam on radw!
Quit posting such junk trash Satanic inspired post Tim!!
https://twitter.com/Google and https://twitter.com/GoogleGroups the
spamposts Tim does!!
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