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Tim Bruening
2020-06-30 00:42:44 UTC
The Doctor
2020-06-30 03:16:04 UTC
Timbot Bruening is like a child abuser!
Timbot Bruening is the spam blogger of rec.arts.drwho. Timbot Bruening is
a loathesome creature! Inspired by Idlehands , condoned by Stephen Wilson.
Look, yet another irrelevant Timbot Bruening post to rec.arts.drwho!!
The official Timbot Bruening Youtube Video:

As Timbot Bruening posts and sings: " IT's Spam, wonderful spam!
IT's spam wonderful spam!" Proving %'s conclusion that you are insane!
Agamemnon aka The True Doctor are killfiling you due to
your spamtrolling actions!
Bruening yet again defends Donald Trump as POTUS by trolling spam on radw!
Quit posting such junk trash Satanic inspired post Timbot!!
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